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My library just got Freegal* and since I am hopeless at new music I figured I’d use it as a springboard to actually getting to know new things? But the problem is I am so awful at new music that I barely even know where to start.

For those of you that don’t know, Freegal lets you download 3-5…

I am so very ashamed to admit that we have had this service for a REALLY long time and I’ve yet to use it. New goal of the week! Your post has inspired me to download my first Freegal song. I’ll get Happy by Pharrell since it’s currently one of my kids’ favorites. Ooooh….I wonder if they have any songs from Frozen.

I know, when we first got Freegal I checked to see if they had any My Morning Jacket downloads…that was my primary form of measurement on whether I approved of Freegal. They did.

So, yay! New project for the day. Thanks Librarian Pirate!

Books are back in the Humble eBook Bundle 3



Pay-what-you-want for eBooks is back with Humble eBook Bundle 3! This bundle includes six great eBooks and an exclusive audiobook to tickle your literary fancy.

Pay what you want for Wil Wheaton’s The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Holly Black’s Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale, Steven…

I love it when Humble Bundle does books! This is a really great selection, PLUS the Homeland audiobook read by Wil Weaton!!

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Get To Know Your Tumblarians Tuesday: WHY IS IT STILL WINTER????


What would you do for a klondike bar? if it meant that winter would end RIGHT NOW?


I would eat a spoonful of mayonnaise ugh ugh ughhhhhh. I knew what I signed up for moving here but this is getting ridiculous.

(PS. If you’re currently somewhere warm and sunny I promise not to hate you as long as you don’t brag too much)

I can’t tell what it is, actually. Yesterday, I needed my coat and was freezing. Today it’s beautiful, sunny, and in the 70’s.

Bi-Poalr Vortex

1 in 10 Americans think HTML is an STD, study finds

This is way too awesome not to re-blog.

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A question for my fellow tumblarians!


So there is an open position as an education librarian in my area at a Christian college. Part of the application is describing how your faith has lead to where you are in life and a lot of Christ-affirming things.

I’m curious what other folks think about questions like this in a job application…

I am still on the fence as to whether it is wrong or right for a religious institution to ask questions of this nature; however, I feel that having a similar set of religious beliefs would make working for said institution much easier, and also more fulfilling. I’d personally prefer to be able to fully support the mission of my employer. That said, as a Christian myself, I don’t think I would ever have an easy time working as a librarian for a Christian college, as I still have some very strong liberal beliefs, some of which may not be deemed acceptable or appropriate by their standards. I’d never want to feel the need to censor myself in such a way, or feel as though I needed to appear as more pious than I actually am. Of course, it is always great for young people to see all sorts of perspectives in life, but if the mission of the college is to promote Christianity and a major component of the curriculum focuses on that area, then it may very well be that a specific type of person would be qualified or better suited for the job. In that sense, I can see where someone’s religious background would be just as relevant as their other skills.

Then of course, I still have that nagging thought that it is discrimination. So yep, I’m on the fence, not jumping off any time soon.

Dress Codes and Jeans


I love my jeans. They are the pants I feel most comfortable and productive in. So in all fairness I may be a little bit biased. However, I think the public librarian dress code should include wearing jeans. I think jeans look more modern and less stuffy. I also think that they can look just as…

We have a new dress code that went from “jeans on Fridays & Saturdays” to jeans any day. Our new dress code outlines things very specifically on allowable clothing, especially t-shirts, for example, t-shirts displaying the library logo are always acceptable, but a t-shirt with large advertising logos are never acceptable. I think jeans can be  great part of the work wardrobe and can be dressed up. I’m in management and dress in what I consider to be a professional manner, daily. Since our dress code changed, I have been wearing jeans several times a week, but I do try to dress them up with nicer shirts, unique flats or heels, silk scarves, and blazers. If I know I am going to be doing a lot of labor intensive tasks, like weeding, shifting, climbing, moving furniture, etc. I’ll wear my jeans with a library t-shirt. I also wear the jeans and library t-shirt or library polo a lot on Fridays. All staff must wear staff photo badges, either clipped to clothing or on a lanyard, which make us recognizable to our library users. I actually think that wearing jeans might make us seem less intimidating to our users, and seem a little more welcoming or approachable.

Also, I may or may not have formed Fitness Fridays @ the Library solely for an excuse to wear tennis shoes and yoga pants to work.  :-P

Just my two cents!

Why Getty Going Free Is Such a Big Deal, Explained in Getty Images



I like the direction Getty is going. It’s not a perfect model, but nothing is. I think it’s a step in the right direction, especially for librarians that need images for their flyers and displays. I’m pretty sick of seeing and using the same old clip art and don’t really have time to scour the web for free images. The embedding of the registered trademark doesn’t bother me one bit, personally. I’m all for giving credit where credit is due. As for the gathering of user info, let’s face it, it’s being done everywhere else already. there has to be some sort of compromise taking place and this seems pretty reasonable to me.


The murkiness of the legal terms makes me wonder which side libraries would fall on in this battle. Libraries are “non-commercial,” obviously, but do we fall under the first stipulation for “editorial” purposes (we might get away with it under the guise of public interest). Would we then get stuck because libraries offer a service, which these images would promote?

But I think the important thing here is that this is an embedding service, meaning we can use the images on blogs and the like—not that we can download the images and use them on flyers, posters, or displays. Getty is making these images “free” as embeddable images because that means they still have control over them, and all clicks lead back to Getty. That doesn’t work in a downloadable format. As the article mentions at the end, it will be easy to find images without the copyright or watermark that can be downloaded, but that’s what bloggers breaking copyright law are already doing. So, basically, librarians could easily use these stock photos in blog posts. Displays? Not so much, at least, not while respecting Getty and copyright law (possibly. The terms are really vague).

You are totally right! They would have to be limited to online content. I got a little ahead of myself. I need to edit my original post. We do online “flyers” on our website and social media, so this will be great source for images, in that sense. Like you said, it’s murky when it comes to using the images to promote services the library offers.

This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes | Elite Daily

I guess I’m a bit late to the game in hearing about this since it has blown up over the last few days on all my feeds, but I just went to say how cool it was to see this for the first time. I saw it last night after reading a long time and was thinking to myself that my eyes were tired from moving….then I spritzed! It felt really refreshing to read without moving my eyes from side to side.

I’ll be eagerly watching this trend to see how it works out. I like the idea and it really does seem to make it easier on the eyes; however, I wonder if you want to re-read a passage, what kind of technology will be incorporated to find the passage you are looking for.

This also seems like it will be a DMR nightmare, but I think we are all up for the challenge.